Save the dying regions before they become extinct


Has Scopely forgotten about the closed low regions from 2+ years ago? There are plenty of us dying regions with less that 50 actives across the whole regions.
Appling (en) region currently has 33 players who have scored points during this raid tournament, 20 of those with more than 6 wins. Our last all out war had 27 players with points across 2 factions, and only 18 of those scored more than 5000 points.
Our last cross region war was a lot of fun with 5 regions (Echols, Appling, Calhoun, Floyd, and Baker) bringing 10 factions to battle. Out of those 10 factions we had about 150 players with points. I know this doesn’t compare to some of the busy regions, but this was busy for us!
For faction assault we have been averaging about 3000 faction tickets daily so our only assaults have been due to Scopely’s bonuses, and we’re expecting to wait another 60 days until we can do tier 3 again.

Scopely, is there any sort of progress towards opening our regions or merging some regions together? Or are we supposed to just die out completely?


Holy geez…this sucks


We, the players are with you! Everyday I play this game, my first thought is of the dying/dead regions!

Scopely needs to act with more urgency on this and calm down on the “Super Fan 6*” character and other nonsense


Closed one for sure, wtf is this mess, fix asap guys


Leave dead regions and start a new one, spend more. More money for scopely, more activity for you guys. Being real, if a region gets that low active there’s really no point in sticking around, we all know well scopely has ignored low pop regions for the past year. Wait until a new server opens and start there fresh, if you’re p2p it really shouldn’t be a big issue starting over since it’s easy, same for f2p only thing it’s not easy starting over for us.


We’re looking into a way to help these regions.

Looking forward to the day when that way is implemented.

Thank you for sharing Krepia.


Just allow people to move with everything they’ve worked for. Problem solved.