Santa token pulls! post your excitement here!


well robots have been offered in a lot of stashed and bags so I’m expecting a least a few people have pulled by now. please post below what you get so everyone can be excited for their pull that they needed to spend 12 days farming for.

I’ll start the ball
2 opens (1 more tom when roadmap refresh)

2 ho ho packs
2 weapon tripod

let the Christmas rush of excitement and wonder begin!



Lol get hyped :joy::joy::joy:


2 opens already, with a 3rd tommorow? Save your damn money sir, jeez :joy:


way to spend your money on complete utter rubbish.

I tip my hat to you on wasting your time.


12 santa coins x 1 big bag of deception


faction mate pulled one sports gauntlet lol


ho ho ho pack

had a tripod in it…

I am 1/8th closer to a T3 6*

Be-still my beating heart, I can not get over the generosity of Scopely this holiday season.


A knife sheath… No words can express the disappointment honestly.


images here’s a live look at everyone’s pulls.


Radio :expressionless:


This is event like previous is a huge let down. They ran the gold nugget event so that we would be grateful after horrible prizes and not be as upset at the holiday event. It was hyped up like an epic event and was not close to meeting the pre hype. Had they offeted robots and tokens in milestones and rewards instead of elite tokens aND actually gave pulls it would be a great event. However they gave us 1 pull and made us pay for more. And made this event a complete let down. They took another way to make something we need (gear) and made it a prize. Come on offering 1 pull and gifting 2 robots hoping people will spend for a 2nd pull is just more of there failure to see how they could have taken an opportunity and made money and made us happy. If tokens and robots were included in events imagine how many more would push to get them. All I can say is 2 steps forwards 5 steps back


I think this event is easily the winner of the worst event in TWDRTS event history. And that’s really saying something. After the month of hype, this event couldn’t be any more of a letdown. Take a bow Scopely, u guys really outdid yourselves this time.


that pic gave me a good laugh and sadly it sums up the event all too well. guess we all just gotta keep on surviving… lol


A single sports glove oh my. What a joy this brought me.


I have 23 of them now


Hohohohoho pack


hopefully you are lucky enough to get another pull and have 24



for 12 days of farming that shit roadmap too.


I already know I’m gonna get a piece of T3 gear… thanks in advance, Scopely.