Santa Token poll


I got a tripod. To those that voted that they got the Benedict box, pics or it didn’t happen.


ho ho ho box = tripod, soooo worth the effort put in farming lol


Scopley should have made it no energy maps. Still have to grind it, but as a Xmas gift from those greedy bastards, you wouldn’t have to waste your own world cans. COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE EVENT!

BTW, got a sports gauntlet…already have 15 :confused:


And some garbage in a pear tree…


And scopely wonders why no one has faith in them. Christmas about the gift of giving. I have been around since the game was released and this is bye far the WORST EVENT EVER. Might have well just handed out lumps of coal, or bags of :poop: on our doorsteps. All that grind and wasted time for garbage. What happened to the old employees that somewhat cared. At least they somewhat got the war prizes right. It’s smarter to retain and re train.


I opened 2 sets, a Hohoho box and a tough box, and I got a single tripod each time. Garbage. It’s like they knew I had 18 and wanted to round up to an even 20 for me.


And I was thinking that I was “Innocent” to grind for the robots. And you paid for It. Congratz, I guess…


I got a practice dummy.

All that farming for that :smirk:


Got the HoHoHo Pack, tripod inside. The HoHoHo was Scopely laughing at wasting time and effort grinding for a chance to pull against their stacked odds.

I love this game. I hate the business behind it. Everything needs to come down in price and have better odds. People would spend more money because there’d actually be reason to.

Feels like this Christmas event was Scopely aiming a shotgun at both feet and pulling the triggers.


Got a tripod


This game is unique… most games have a toxic community, however the community of TWD RTS is not toxic… the creators are the toxic ones


I actually didn’t want the 8 Benedicts. I have 16 Benedicts/5-star fodder toons but no toons to ascend. I was hoping for either a strong, fast or alert bag. I got a tripod.


100 voters, 4 got the benes :rofl:


4% is far greater than I expected.


none of my faction mates is here and none of them got the bene pack so far. so…


The reporting is skewed by the humblebrag effect. And no pictures yet…


It is actually less then 4%, like rng works. It means everything is fine then.


Nice Jace the Mind Sculpt…
But thia event has me pissed.
A tripod… What a joke


Whetstone here. Yeah I feel pretty stupid for going for globes & mistletoe when I could’ve ignored the hullabaloo and gone for ultimate gear every day. Lesson learned I suppose. No more pointless farming for me.


How much you wanna bet the four people who said they got benedict really didn’t