Santa medalions

Have I missed something?

I ain’t seen any Santa medallions?

@kalishane any more info?

its the 12 toklens

They will come don’t you worry lol gonna be like 8 k gold for 12 :joy::joy:

You get 12 Santa Medallions from the Museum when you turn in 12 Toy Robots.

I think you get 1 Santa Medallion for 12 Robots and there are also other ways to obtain them.

It’s 12 for 12 and 12 for a pull for the 12 days of Christmas.

The only way I’ve seen besides the 1 pull if u get it daily collection is $. Stashes, crates, offers, none in milestones or as part of raid drops. This seems like the Lucille event. I do a road map and thats ur guarantee. I do like the Nuggets but don’t think they should over shadow the 12 day carnage. We should be getting those Santa tokens as part of rewards instead of elite tokens. Missing an opportunity for people to push hard in events.