Santa collection


Please stop luring people in with the chance of good rewards only to end up with garbage almost every time. A practice dummy for a holiday event reward is pathetic and I grinded that boring map for days just to end up with that. I already have 25 I can’t even use


Yea i got a tripod. That ho ho ho gift box is a slap to the face


Same here


Just curious, no one is counting the nugget event as part of the Christmas event?


No because kalishane herself said it wasn’t the winter event. And scopely and their employees never lie


Well they did lie. Said rewards for this event would get better everyday but all we got is repeat gifts as they call it. Smh…


Of course not, it’s a seperate event that happens to be running at the same time. And honestly it just replacing all other tournament rewards, it’s not really giving anything extra, it’s just letting you bank a lot of subpar rewards into one potentially decent one.


True true. For me, getting Wyatt was a good enough event for the whole of winter, but I can see why others would be angry, especially since nuggets replaced the 5* tokens for solo/faction events.


Yeh nugget event was simply a way so that they could give out prizes with less complaints.
As someone pointed out to me a while ago, it is an easy way to give out less rewards In events yet seem like your giving more choice, take the faction raid first place is 4.8k nuggets and 2.2k elite tokens(let’s ignore) equivalency time, 4.8k nuggets compared token wise is around 3.8k 5* tokens or alternatively a GPS or canteen, or 1.5 of a tier 4 gear piece so
first place is a piece of tier 4 special gear or 3.6k tokens
2nd is a piece of tier 4 gear or 2.1k tokens
3rd is tier 3 gear and around 1.7k tokens
And so on they are using the collection to give us less for our efforts


Im kinda upset they gave wyatt to everyone…
Could of atleast been Govie… Dont need two Wyatts… Lol


I believe it was said by kalishane in some other post that it was a separate event, and that it was NOT a part of the Christmas event (lol)


Wishful thinking but in good faith we should get one nice thing besides a bloody shirt or something would like to see Xmas day inbox all the 5*’s they have beta regions lol…


Kalishane stated the nugget event was something - different.
I’m having a hard time believing this winter event was thought and planned for over a month.
Like seriously? Was it like a 5min meeting each time? Cuz this isn’t creative/fun at all.
If this is what Kalishane thinks as a good event then I guess we’re out of luck.

PS: I also got the dummy, it fits what I think of myself after being part of this event.