Sandbagging needs to stop


Too bad that so many players are sandbagging their level for raids. Many people are putting fully ascended characters with a bunch of 3 star support out there to get their grade down so they can win a ton of raids.

If the new raid leagues are going to be a success, something has to be done to stop this. It’s almost impossible to raid anymore


nah, this works in another way.


I would think they would get less points by doing this.
They still raid the same teams right?

Hope no one copies this anyway.


If you can’t even beat a bunch of 3 stars then I don’t see how that is the fault of the people you are choosing to raid dude


Lowering def doesnt mean you get matched with weaker players, you still get matched based on your strongest team or rep cant remember which

Low def is good for the whole region, gives everyone a chance to hit the milestones


Thx mate, I was to lazy for that story.


Agree with that. I think the state of raiding has more to do with the extremely overpowered bots, with perfect mods and perfect rng. I know they are supposed to be copies of top players, but I skip those players.

The fact that players have to come up with a work around for poor game design is kinda sad.


Doesn’t work that way and rep is useless. I put a shite defense team so people can get wins for events.


lmao figures this wasn’t really thought out and they didn’t make changes to account for stuff like this.


Players are not finding a work around. The reason you are seeing people lower their defense is to make it easier for other players to raid or to hide their best defense. You are matched in raids based on your best team strength. It has absolutely nothing to do with which defense team you have up at the moment.

As for bots, these are copies of actual players’ defense teams. I have many times (including this morning) raided an actual player, and then get the exact copy of the team (no difference in weapons or mods) as a bot in the next raid.


My defense team is made up of one star characters. I even call the team Free Hit. I do that to let people have an easy win for events.


umm no logic here. 3* leader skills suck just have a good team and it won’t matter


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