Same Tournaments + Same Rewards = Stale Game


So the next 2 weeks will basically be more set of Level Ups and more set of Survival Road tournaments, both offering the same old 5* Tokens as rewards.

Game is getting stale and boring.

Scopely, can you either mix it up better or come up with different tournaments or give us 1 day a week of just no tournaments so it doesn’t feel like we’re doing the same thing every single day?

Also whatever happened to specific characters as rewards?


Agreed, they really need to put a CRW blitz war in there for some of these boring week day events


Tired of 5* tokens. Remember when prizes were new characters? How about rewards being chances for either canteen or gps.


A simple solution to make a lot of people more interested it offer a Benedict as a low milestone on every event, and give us decent to good legacy 5*s for 1, 2, 3. THEN give 5 star tokens. So much effort is put into these events to get 10k tokens which ends up being, an Earl? More or less a Benedict.

Scopley needs to spice things up or more and more regions are gonna continue to die out.


this game, like the franchise it was modeled from, has reached the end of its shelf life. I suggest you all move on. There are better things.


I couldn’t side with the lack of tourneys. As repetitive as they are, rewards are rewards. Scopely is such an oddball, always taking into consideration of what people want and don’t want.



Well I’ve seen a lot of events recently which had Liliths and Ulysses included in rewards. Those were really nice I thought.
Over all the impression that I had was that rewards have gotten much better than what it was, say about 4-5 months ago.
And people getting tired of events can easily take a break in between. Why should we request to have events taken out as there are people interested in participating in them? I skip a lot of solo events to recharge myself and replenish my resources - so I dont really feel burned out all the time.
But I agree that it would be great to have more blitz or newer events to keep away the boredom of Level up - SR- Raid event cycle.


What you said!


I know you haven’t thought of this, but you can always go do something else.




They are unwilling to give out rewards that warrant the effort.

The end is in sight because people are walking away in droves and participation is way down.


I know my participation is heading for the top 201-1000 in my region.

That benny is worth more to me then aden, lilth, and uselesses for now atleast.


Yeah this is boring. Any levelup event that is over 24 hours SHOULD ALSO BE ACCOMPANIED BY ANOTHER EVENT.


With no ability to earn a GPS or canteen it makes everything else worthless. What’s the point in going all out for these events? Another 5-star? Get another 6-star you won’t use to t3? Have Earl laugh in your face after waiting almost two days, again? The game is stale and the rewards stink!



Duplicate pams on 2 different account every few events … the game needs to move away from these cheap copy and padte rewards.

we need to make the game competitive and not just slow farm for eggs/tokens as well

no guaranteed gps AND canteens is also infuriating players no end. too many of us are getting more than the other, one player has 9-0 on these items and when they only show up once every other month it destroys many of our enjoyment and need to fight/continue/farm to progression


Couldn’t agree more. I am stuck with 4 canteen - 0 GPS with no hope in sight. My last GPS was from CRW over a month ago :confused:


I log in. Burn my energy with tokens and log out. Honestly is there anything else to do right now? Man what a bore fest. :-1::-1:


This is what we get for people complaining about 19 hour tournaments because it’s not fair. We get these even more boring 2 days and 3 hour tournaments. Half the rewards. Haven’t had anything to do since I hit 500k.


This. Im not pushing past 500k, get the eggs and get out.


Rank 1 Player, been with the game since the first week of release.

The lack of quality rewards is the reason I’ve left competitive play. I’m no longer in a faction, and I legit, only log in when I’m on the toilet or bored out of my mind lol … so for a few minutes throughout the day.

I was a daily visitor and contributer to these forums as well, but haven’t been here for almost 2 weeks. In the end, I just don’t see the point in continuing to spend money on pulls, spending my weekends warring, and my days farming, if they are never going to give us the option to compete for Ascendable toons.

The game is just so damn boring to me now. All we do is play for gear, tokens, and trainers … that’s it! A couple of weeks ago, I put up 10 million Level points; by far, the most I had ever put up in a tournament. I got like 100 Legendary markers and some 5* tokens. The tokens equate to a Benedict. It’s just a ridiculously pointless game now.