Same Team, but Different Team Grade

Can someone explain why when I build the exact same team including weapons and not changing mods i get two different team grades?

Scopely I’m afraid

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Becouse boobs.

All the things going on in this game (or lack there of) and this is what u pick? Js
Ps- ur roster could use some more p2p toons, not lookin top form enough lmao

I’m sorry your Gammy doesn’t love you like mine.

Different Aaravs? You’ve got a few.

Identical mods and weapons on both teams?

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Yes just different team slots

Can we get a screenshot of each team from the roster screen

Agreed easy to see stats from team window

Those are two different Aarav, nice try troll

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I’m guessing it’s a mod difference, not different toons. It’s a decent brag post though.

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Was going to post a video but the forum wont let me. Be skeptical if you want I understand but its real.

Multiple people have reported same issue on line.
That previous saved teams pre 5* weapons update, have a higher team grade then when they make the identical team now.

This is Scopely, of course there will be discrepancies after every update.

500 attack stats difference on aarav

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Aarav has different stats…

What’s happening old dog! Beat that team like it’s nothing now!

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Maybe try and reach out to a good team building line group. Best advice I can give :+1:t2:

See the difference between araav’s att stat.