Same region transfer


Anybody got any idea how long it takes to get old account back after accidentally transferring a alt account to same region and losing the main one


Support have stopped responding to questions and our community manager has gone missing. So I wouldn’t say you’ll be helped anytime soon.


Ahh damm, guess just have wait then


Sorry buddy, but if you transferred an account to your main region, your main account is overwritten. Dead, gone, obliterated, it’s lost to the ether forever.


Eeeeeek I’ve not encountered anyone who has done this yet.
Sorry I hope you get it sorted! Let us know if and when it does.


Dont think your the 1st, but like Galaxy42 said, its goneso i wouldnt hold out any hope


Surely it cant just be gone lol they can track down things like rewards etc or silly things I’m sure they can recover an account with previous purchases that’s linked to social media and that ?


Sorry dude, don’t know what else to tell you.

It’s (I think) a little like a rewritable disc, once you record over whatever was on there it’s gone.


Ahh man and I had the beastly teams coming through :expressionless:. Have scopely said this to you or you seen this before . I still confused how I did it even after several prompt I though I was going to a dif region I guess


We had a guy do this at the start of transfers in my old region, support rolled him back within about 3 days. Hope they get you sorted as quickly and easily


Thanks man I hope they do to bro


Hope this is right for you @Scroopy


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