Same bot during raid


Anyone else getting the same exact bot team for raids? I’m sick of fight this AD michonne team over and over again.


No but I noticed when I search its 90% bots now instead of actual players. I expect this during a raid event but it’s never been like this outside of one.

What the hell did they do? Bots only give 18k wood. Normally I can raid 6 people twice a day for at least 100k per battle. We need this wood so we can trade it in for scraps.

Is this your new plan to starve us for wood now? When should we expect the wood deals to start popping up?


More people started to raid probably because of the league update as well as possible map drop.


True. I thought maybe it would go back to normal after war ended but it could be because of how new leagues is. I will give it a few more days but if things stay like this we will be losing a huge source of how we accumulate wood.

They could at least give the bots 50-100k in wood. Just like we would get from actual players.


I won’t disagree on bots getting more resources, but this situation happening is an unintended consequence with the league system and player reaction.


Or it’s because of this. Perhaps a little bit of both.

This would have been nice to release during a raid tournament Scopely instead of a level up.


Certainly both. And also cakes dropping.


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