Salvage Tokens - Every other mobile gives these in abundance


I know this so far down anyone’s list of who cares. But every other mobile game that has repetitive grinding has similar items that auto completes the stage to the loot screen.

But here, I don’t get enough everyday to even come close to the auto completing world stages that I three starred the day they were released.

Cmon scopley road map stages that reset, I’ve got no problem with that. But I shouldn’t have to actually run the stage, even on auto, for daily grinding. It’s time consuming that any other platform gives ample amount to not have to deal with that. And they don’t charge over five dollars of in game currency to get a handful more like from the prestige crates. That’s it all I wanted to suggest. Easy peasy.


I’d be ok with salvage tokens that don’t increase drop rate.Which you could get a lot of


Me too. I just get tired of grinding out a world stage over n over.


I feel you man.:+1:


Maybe they should make cheaper salvage tokens that are very easy to get, and then maybe platinum and diamond tokens that guarantee 3*, 4*, and 5* drops.


I wrote about this a while ago. So dumb. Nothing worse than running the final stage for survivors.


That would work too. I don’t mind buying them or if you do run an actual stage you’ve already beaten, salvage tokens can potential stage drops also… Like every other mobile game does. :thinking:


Sorry I missed it Ricky.


Nothing to be sorry about, they didn’t do anything :joy::joy::joy:


Lol go figure


just delivered


Using a minute later


what’s left for the next 23 hours and 5 8 minutes until more are delivered. Lol


Lol, aside from scavenger missions, it would be cool to get tokens from other sources.


There is a token in this game no-one has enough of? My mouth literally opened in amazement.

Maybe they could drop instead of basic tokens in war or be added to helper or prestige tokens as rewards.


You do get alot of em. But they kinda suck tbh


You do not get enough of them, you mean.

And they don’t suck worse than running the stages over n over n over n over again.

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