Salvage Tokens don't count?

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but i just noticed that using salvage tokens on roadmap stages does not count towards the pathway missions. Kinda ridiculous if this is intentional, considering the number that needs to be completed. Is this intentional? Or is it a bug? I’ve done a lot using tokens thinking they would count…smh

Also, unrelated to the pathway missions, the salvage tokens do not give the 200% xp when using them. The SR tokens also do not give the 200% xp like they are supposed to.

It appears intentional. Fleeing counts. That’s how I hit them. Find a cheap level and grind away.

Nope they sure don’t. Find a 3 energy roadmap and rinse and repeat. Might I suggest the season 3 of stranger things while your grinding.


yeah if u have scam club flee the 1 world energy roadmap

if not spam the gloves shirt roadmap while at the gym when u lift br0

Why flee and waste energy? just farm the survival club 1 energy map and get free gloves and shirts while youre at it

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I read that you couldn’t farm…meaning if the level was completed and you played it again you wouldn’t earn credit for the second attempt. That’s why I used flee. Looks like you tested it though, good work. Options for those who haven’t completed yet.

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Yeah you can spam levels over and over and it definitely counts

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Yea, I know you can do that, and i have. But it still remains that using tokens should work, imo at least. I used/wasted a bunch of mine before I realized they dont.

Also, does no one else care about them not giving the 200% xp? I’m level 150 so it doesn’t matter to me so much, for now. But if they raise the level cap it can make a huge difference. And for anyone not yet at lv150 of course.

no, not at all

Context bud. Notice i did say that was my opinion. I’m not the only one who thinks so either

Amazing season

counts, i spammed shirts crazy

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I agree with you Holiday :slight_smile: Nobody has agreed with Rigcage/s1acker about them not needing to work properly yet though.
1-0 to you matey :wink:

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Not agreeing with anyone on this but… i would say why they dont count when using a token, you are not actually starting the roadmap, you are skipping it.

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Seems to be working though :smile:

I just did. Nobody seems to have agreed with you yet though.

I know several who do agree with me, just cus they don’t post here doesn’t make you right.

Perhaps, but I figure if friendly duels against single 1* toons count for raids, and fleeing a daily SR stage counts there, why not let salvage tokens count here. They always counted for the old daily missions too.

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