Salvage token for missions (counting, not counting) plz equalize or change the behaviour

im pretty sure there where daily/weekly/events missions where using salvage token was counting to “finish x missions”

plz add or equalize this behaivior that using salvage token is counting for such missions, i mean, i have to pay world energy anyway, so whats the matter?

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You mean the current mission to win 80 world map stages is not registering if you are using tokens? Will test on my end…

That is correct.

Using them has never worked for completing a mission. You have to actually fight the battles.

Checked now. The problem is that you need to win battles, not completing stages:

As salvage tokens just collects rewards without fighting, it doesn’t register… agree, it’s a shitty tactics, forcing ppl to waste their time on it…

I hit the Train Fuel Depot whenever there’s world mission’s. 5 stage’s 3 can’s per stage.

Can be hit repeatedly.

I farm 7-1 as the highest map stage for 3 energy… but killing some 80 minutes of my play time is not really high on my “best mission” ranking list

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