Salvage or convert

I clicked salvage my material post (lvl 20 so I’m crying) because of missclick. I wanna converted it into scav camp. It was an accident. Can support reconvert it? Maybe e.g like bringing my old data account?

Honestly I don’t even bother having a material post. You can get more materials from raiding/arenas in 2 hits than you can get from a full day of material camps.

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I know men, so I want to convert it into Scav camp and do more scav missions…

You’ll have to rebuild it. Scopely are uncaring/uncompasionate about accidents, that’s why the complete scavenger mission is in the same place as skip scavenger mission for example, they literally set it up to cause a greater chance of accidents. They want to make money out of your accidents. In this case, they will hope you coin it back up to lvl 20. Don’t, it’s a waste of coins

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Yeah, I won’t coin it. Lol. I have 3 other Scav Camp lvl 20, but I needed more :smiley: There should be any alert about it “Are you sure you want to salvage this building?” :frowning:

I agree. There should always be an alert.
Personally I have only 2 Scav camps and 2 material posts. The only thing I ever use Scav camps for is auto 2 or less hour missions, the 2 xp missions and 3 hour missions. I skip everything else, apart from sometimes on a rare occasion I may send them out for a 6-8 hour mission before I go to bed, but usually I cba to click for that since a single raid will get me double what an 8hr Scav mission will.
So because of this and despite the fact that Mat posts give bugger all, I have 2 Mat posts.

Right, I’m doing the same

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