Safety Behind Bars Rick NEEDS to be ascendable


The guy is one of the og 5 stars ffs.


pic or he dont even exist


I added one.


nope nope we need a legend


I agree 100%. He is the first five star and deserves to be made ascendable. Same goes for OG michonee. They all need some love


Theres still about 5 characters on the list. Rick can wait his turn.


He’s super useful on SR against zombie/human stages, so his 6* will fill this role even better. (and it is needed)


OG FACT: This was the first 5* promo back in the days.


Wow, he was my number 1 five star for a very long time


He was my first 5*


Does anyone else think it’s super cool that he actually opens his mouth and shouts during his adrenaline rush?


Technically he wasn’t the first 5*

It was more of a trio, og Andrea(ascendable blue)

Red rick(shown above)

Og yellow ty(sidekick support ty)


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