Sad the way this game took :/


Unfortunately, I can not motivate my faction to play this war, half or more of my faction do not want or can not play the game, just play for friendship and do not have the courage to stop for all this time invested in the game, and to help the prizes are INDESCRIBABLE, would be the same as calling the guys to kill their whole weekend (for some their only days off with family or study) to get 3 Ulysses or fragments to take a Vernon in the end.

Unfortunately the game is dead, when they put the 6 * in the game they immediately destroyed EVERYTHING that you built during those TWO years of play, all that INVESTED money to get shield, Prya, Shiva, Mich and etc … all those ends of week badly slept to get a 5 * cool in the wars, all his TIME invested in this game did not serve absolutely NOTHING. In the forum only have a sad players with the game, people who invested horrors in the game to be trodden in that way.

Now everyone has the same attack and defense teams, those characters that you paid so dearly for them in the past do not serve the shit now, no comment on those events, they have nothing more to reward, nothing they give will be good enough compared to those 6 *, and they can not give 5 * as prizes because they are no longer worth anything, there is not much 6 * available to start giving of prize, and even if they gave 6 * in the events it would start everything again with a faction getting first in wars and events leading all 6 * as it did in the time of 5 *.

We’ve been promised weekly gear map and where? I only see offers jumping in my face with a value beyond my comprehension, they said they would not put 6 * on the roulette wheel that the only way to get them would be going through the ascension but they are there, lie, lie and more lie.

I am top 3 in my region with 114k of reputation, 2 long years playing this game in the end are worthless and my faction is dying and I can not do anything to prevent, very sad it.

And after all this disappointment and a future repeating the past I wonder if it is worth investing another 2 years in this game.

Sorry bad English.


Your english was really good, I am native english and cant write for my life, everything you said is how many are feeling these days. Unfortunately they will delete your thread because they think its negative. Instead they should be listening to save their game.



I will say this one made me laugh. @R18-C4G3

That being said you too should be concerned. If your a casual player, sure maybe you could care less, but what they have done is made nothing to strive for. For those who want to play competitively it’s a huge disappointment especially in a game with such a high cost for any given item. It’s all to prepare for the main event, otherwise we’d all go back to playing casual like we did before war existed.


If I am going to put this much energy into anything, it is going to be myself, and not a game.


Except you continue to run around and providing counter statements which by your own admission here has no weight. So Why? But to otherwise troll others who care to see something they enjoy get better.

I’m sorry but you do no bettering of yourself with your actions.


I think what is somewhat lost in translation is that there’s a difference between pay to “win” and pay to “play.” This is NOT a game for which money alone gives access to an avenue of success. Free, casual, and spending players alike all need to grind/farm to have any hope of competing. My argument might be reductionist, but think of it like this: I could be P13+ with all the 5/6* anyone would want, but if I didn’t put in the work, my roster is as useless as someone’s who hasn’t logged in since last year.


yep, $30 for a fucking lilith im sick


calm your self down buddy, what are you being so uptight for? take a day off from all the stress of this game and enjoy some music or something else other than this game.


I was in fact making a calm and articulate rebuttal to your insensitivity. Appears you are unable to do the same.

So I’ll leave you with something to contemplate on, ‘when all is done, will you have bettered anything, will you even have tried to better something?’


smoke something and calm down and stop trying to use big words and smart sentences. take a break from this game and be stress free for once.



What happened to your profile?


what do you mean what happened? i had to change something but you know that. you know you like me @pregolori otherwise why would i have this weird relationship with you? just like i do with a bunch of others.