Sad on trying to get confusion on defend


Come on scopely. This should be a joke. I tryied to get confusion on defend in 33 times, and just 1 result. This is frustrating and disappointed. I should be the man with less lucky.


You can’t get confusion on a weapon?


my guess is hes a foreigner . i think Spanish translation has stun as confuse, im pretty sure i saw yellow sawyer with a consfuse weapon in spainish, but is actually a stun


Well that would make sense, thank you. Apologies to the OP :slight_smile:


Haha sorry, is stun.


Yep. All good. I got a little confused (not pun intended hahaha)

I got my first stun only the other week. Can’t get another for the life of me


One of my faction mates was up to 50 tries and Earl came good with two at once. I was lucky enough to score one off my third try and failed all since.

Despite Scopley’s assertions to the contrary, some people just know how to get Earl to do them right all the time, while the rest of us just get shafted


Scope should increase chances of success. Shouldn’t take a year to craft a weapon lol


Took me 40+ tries to get stun on attack. But I’ve also got stun on red in one try. Just scopleys random luck BS.


0 confs in more than 100 attempts. Keep trying


I have tried 62 times. Still no luck.


31 tries for Stun claws on shiva, 1st try on Abso Crit weapon for Zeke…

I just love RNG


I got my first stun yesterday, after like 10 tries. And without tape. Just the terries and a polishing kit.