Sad news from Scopely HQ

I’ve just heard some sad news from a source at Scopely HQ. It appears they’ve sacked the guy responsible for keeping this sign up to date:

My source tells me that the letter telling him that he was no longer needed stated "we’ve had so many screw ups that the sign hasn’t been able to be updated to ‘1’ since early 2017 and a recent review has forecast that this spate of screw ups are unlikely to abate and, as a result, your services are unlikely to be required for the foreseeable future. "


im confused

But on the plus side there is a new position available in the “compensation Think Tank”

This is an area of growth and having never bothered giving sweet FA out to it’s treasured community, they are aware that no one in the company has the relevant skill set to fill this position.

You must be of a creative mindset and be able to fulfill all obligations within the budgeted cost of zero, or as near to it as is practical.

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Lol that’s funny