Sad day for all CUBS fans

Today was the final game broadcast on WGN after 72 years. For all Chicago viewers back in the day WGN home of the Bozo show.
Also ■■■■■■■ Cubs losing this whole week made it even worse.
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Thank you.

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why did they stop ? I’m from Boston so i’m not well versed in chicago lore other than the wonderful neighborhood of west Englewood

Because of money. They are no longer going to be free over the air broadcast. If I’m not mistaken they were one of last teams to have free over the air broadcast.
They are starting up a new pay to watch channel. Thank God for internet.
WGN is a Chicago station, but broadcast live tv in 6 or 7 states so Cubs got played in those states as well.

I’m going to be watching Boston\ Rangers in Texas Wednesday.
I want to see the stadium before it’s gone.

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oh that’s sad.

stadium ? the one in Texas i assume no way they’re tearing down Fenway it’s like 107 years old

Yeah Globe park, in Texas.
I’ll be the guy out in right field seats wearing Cubs stuff.
Hoping for some home run balls for the kid.

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those are always fun to get careful it’s easy to get hit by one. Globe Park looks nice it’s modern and big. Fenway is really nice but it’s small, and more expensive most other places. Baseball is very fun so it’s worth it.

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Yeah I love watching baseball, well most sports, loved going to Wrigley as a kid.
Living in another state now so thanks to TMobile they give year subscription to MLB app free.

26yrs is all that field in Texas has seen crazy how easy political people spend others money. It is one reason I like the Ricketts family they are updating Wrigley with their own money for most of it.

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Tis a sad time for cubby fans