S9++ teams with hack

Hello. When scopely fix dat shit?! Its too hard lol?


They are still hard at work at looking into the hackers and cheaters. Yup, since more than 6 months ago.


We assure u the team is looking into it :slight_smile:

Which region is that? Alex zakon is a famous bitch on ru regions, he’s a refunder that got humiliated many times in many ru regions and he quit after a few years of whining. He used to sell accounts on new regions that were boosted by hackers from his faction which ended up banned though. Is Bloodriver with him in that faction ? He usually use prestige 6 accounts.

Oh fuck you are Russian too lol
Напиши вот сюда twdcheatreport@scopely.io, чем больше с региона напишут - тем лучше. Он уже много раз наёбывал людей с аккаунтами, везде кричит что против читеров, а сам набирает как можно больше во фракцию.

For my foreign pals, yes this is the ■■■■■■ I mentioned in previous comment, this guy is playing on newest Russian region so nothing new. The same strategy as always, he will sell this account after a month or so.

The game knows the max stats a toon can have. Why not just put in a simple check and if any toon exceeds this number the account gets automatically frozen until scopely can investigate further. Then when they know its a cheat account for sure wipe it. If they did this quickly they would grow tired and stop trying to cheat the game. Right now it’s far to easy and it apparently takes getting reported by the users for scopely to act. That’s why they keep coming back and will continue to come back time and time again. Zero repercussions to cheating.


Sorry that just sounds like a poor excuse for $copely’s piss poor standards when it comes to dealing with hackers.

Someone just pointed out above a simple way of preventing such cheaters from hacking. Doesn’t take a genius or programmer to point out how to deal with them.


Lol… as an aside to this, my thread stating just how broken the game is and how little action is being taken is still open and my “playful” account is still unbanned.


Great “anticheat” in action


LMAO. That was funny.

This is enough reason to believe whatever claim they made about cracking down on these cheats, total bullshit.

I believe it’s been 6 months or close, and the same old cheats evidently still work.

I’m just shocked i’m still allowed to post here - was pretty sure I’d be banned here faster than in game

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You would be surprised how people here are banned for the most trivial of things, when instead they could use the time to take action on hackers and cheaters in the game :wink:

Word has it that the trend now is for them to delete the violator’s forum account altogether and block that IP instead of a Ban. Lol @ the drastic measures they are taking now

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Anything to keep the truth from spreading.

I haven’t played any of those games before Lockdown, do they provide the opportunity to spend thousand’s of dollars in-game? If not, it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

I tubed csgo case openings, couldn’t really get a feel for the type of money people spend apart from a $60 cobble stone box? I also noted that people went bat-shit crazy for knifes? Wth?! :rofl:

I’m curious… In TWD I can make 7 40 pulls in under 2 minutes which is just under $1000. Can you do something similar in csgo?

Ahhhh right. That’s so interesting. Thanks for the insight. I may watch a few more case opening vids. I was entertained by the player’s reactions :slight_smile:

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