S9 Team Grade Guide

Someone said that it takes all level 90 6*s to get S9, but thats not true. Im still S8++ with fully maxed team. Maybe it depends on weapon mods…

Overall base stats + character mods + weapons

What’s unclear is how pure stat mods weigh vs special mods, 30% hp vs huge ap bonus when attacking for example.

I’m.also told that it isn’t necessarily the increase from mods, but the quality i.e. how close to perfect they are

Character stats+mods+weapons+leader skill(im not sure)
But we do not know how they scale huge bonus to ap or special effects.

Thanks guys.

idk really know either. back in s2 rating days it was easy. add stats. mods, weapons, lead skill etc all have to factor in somehow

Add up all the numbers on each toon and use this chart

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Does anyone know the order or the calculation?
Is leader skill applied before or after mods, weapons etc?

@LadyGeek do you know the answer to this?

Mods are applied separate to leaderskill and weapon boosts.

(Base x Leader bonus x Weapon Bonus) + Mods

However it is not clear how contribution is made by non-stat based mods, weapon and leader skills. Therefore the calculation is not as straightforward as prior to the revised grading

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Full team tier 4 with legendary weapon set not sure if mods help but I have s9 attack team

i have an s9 team and i just have Andrea, Maribelle,(both lvl 90) and Lee, Lori, and another Maribelle. lvls 60+
but i think you can get a better score with weapons, more specialist skills and mods

oh wow does anyone have an S11 FFS wow

Ive never even seen an S9++ to date. A bunch of us tried last mod event, and S9+ was the highest we could make.

I think S10 is the highest possible right now with perfect mods and weapons. But, without knowing the formula it’s hard to say.

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Have you seen a (Legit) S9++?

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