S20 come back to the game awful

remember how scopely patched the game and the war was a more fair event , well that scumbag knows how cheat again see this image people its disgusting please scopely do something


i guess he had 2 times critical succes with +30 attack, except it doesnt work that way, lol

^^reporting this way gets the information directly to the team that investigates cheating. That team does not read the forums.

So…mayby they can start?
I mean time to time…

There’s so much drivel to sort through on the forums. Their time is much better spent working with the information passed on through the proper channels.

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Honest question - the latest update created a report button on player profiles and a drop down with cheating as a reason - do they not review these? They don’t seen to and it seems like a waste to put the money into coding if no one looks at these …

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Yes, they do review these. However, most cheating reports turn out to be nothing, or nothing actionable. For example, I recently had someone come to me about a cheater, and the evidence was that this level 119 player in an older region had 2 perfect weapons on their defense.

There are frequent reports that “everyone in this faction is cheating” with no evidence presented other than their scores in faction events.

Some people think if they send 30 copies of the same evidence to the CM it will help (ProTip: it won’t help and it’s a waste of everyone’s time)

I realize automated responses are not satisfactory, but the best thing to do is to report in the most efficient manner.

She is like: “wanna make fun of my low defense again?”

Yall spit on her and expect her to remain calm? HELL NO THIS ALPHA AINT GETTING THAT TREATMENT ANY LONGER.

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