S10 toons powercreeped


The new toons have genetically superior Stats now.

So basically, we have a brand new Era of 6 stars that have Higher Base stats

This is why buying promo toons is not really worth it.
5 months down the line, Replaced.
Wars = worthless.

2222 defense base ahaha.


Yup this is why i dont even care to buy anything but most people will, doesnt matter if 7* come out and makes all 6* worthless, people are cattle and controlled, they will pour thousands and thousands to get the new toon every other week to be number 1 in a video game but i say let them be, this game is the only thing they have in life


I agree 100%…it is only a matter of time.

We’re Doomed!


Basically if you pull a toon it may be worth it for about a week…I quit after lidia. Funniest thing is u bet half the people running these all revive/hp/heal toons wouldn’t even be able to beat their own defense.

Offence wins battles… Defence wins championships


I have to 100% disagree. Defense doesnt win wars. In real life(aka real war), if you continuously pound the crap out of your enemy( outscore them), they surrender. Timeout wins are total bs. Biggest thing they did to ruin the game was timeout wins. The 5* days were so much more fun and unpredictable who would win.

But what about winning for the next 5 months? You might not be playing by time the next bump comes.

Also Gen 1 6s stats lasted over a year.

Not true. I could beat it just as others no teams are unbeatable. just got to know how to use what you have.

And what did they get you during that Year?

Some additional Gears/Tokens?

Think about it!

Lots of fun battles.

Don’t we play games to be entertained?

Ive been quite entertained.


I didn’t say teams were unbeable. I said “i bet half” key words bet which isnt based on a bunch of data just my personal view and half…didnt say 100% of all these players couldn’t beat their defense…

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