S10 team possible?


Does anyone have an S10 team? If so, what does it take to get one?


Money :slight_smile:


Damn, the one thing the game doesn’t give you




::gives Rivers a standing ovation::


Sadly it might have to include 5 Barkers lol.


I don’t even have one yet


I have an S9 team now but it’s been stuck there for awhile


7* toons and proper gold mods.


Besides fair offers, compensation and gameplay.


carl lead with 4 barkers wih 30% atk def and hp weapons


i have yet to see a real world s9++ team, only s9+ so far


Highest rank I’ve seen was S9, was also wondering the past few days about S10’s


Our faction leader has S9+. Perfect weapons and excellent mods. Havent seen S10 yet though


Not convinced it’s possible yet. A few. Of us tried last free mods event. Will try again next time.


You probably need all gold perfect mods on all premier toons with special weapons that can get up to 430 and a leader skill to buff them all


Is anyone even S9++ ?


I guess S9++ is highest you can get now. And actually you can validate it - check top 100 players. All have battle bonus 3.2. I find it hard to believe that somewhere out there is not active player having S10 so … I’d say that’s proof it’s not doable yet.


I believe you might be able to reach S9 ++ with weapons 30% Hp/Def/Atk and a leader like Erika/Carl with boost stats.


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