S10++ Team Grade?

First S10++ team I’ve seen so far…

Yes clearly possible, it’s right there in your post

What you mean to ask is “is it legit or hacks”. And I believe it’s the latter


What’s he using? 5 Alice’s with all perfect maxed weapons and mods?

Smells like a Hack.

Well, don’t know. I think a team with donny lead, two yellow rick, nik and alice can be at least s10. And with no hack…

5 fully maxed gen 2’s with good mods is s10. So… I think the s10++ there is a fraud.

I think S10 teams are possible if you have all second generation 6*. But highly doubt S10++ is possible.

Either way who cares. Scopes doesn’t give af about blatant cheaters anyway


s10++ is certain


S10++ to the muesum please


Not sure how the guy has tht, i looked at the top 5 players on leagues and they are only s10. :man_shrugging:

Scopes don’t care. The more “players” looks good on their reports so not going anywhere. The people actually doing work at the company are to busy coding micro-transactions and figuring out how to drain the last few cents out of everyone.


Everyone is legit, including Morfeo.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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Top player in the game, Vendetta, is only S10, same with the top 7 players all S10 only.

I don’t even think this supposed S10++ player is in the top 100.

Ok here’s a question, is this person constantly winning every tournament but especially level ups tournaments? From my experience hackers love level ups.

It shows the max team grade, not the team grade defense

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Noob ahahahahhahahahah Do you play the same game? Other players card doesnt show their defense. Once you create a team S10, you can change it and you still are going to be S10 team grade

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I’m afraid you slipped up here Imwinning, in one of the recent updates it was changed to show the highest team grade you had historically, not currently


Your VK profile pic is legit?

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Actually, I just tested this. The profile card shows your current defence rating. I put my tower team as defence and S9+ changed to A++. Try it for yourself…

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To yourself is going to show your own defense. But for other players will show your max. Ask for one faction mate to look your profile :wink:

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I’m looking at people who have dropped their defences in the raid tourney, still says S9 for them