S10 at last!..pictures included

Not me but a teamate…i am truly jealous

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Have you seen a s10+

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Next up: S11

I’ve seen an S10 before, was a week or so ago I believe.

That teammate must have been majorly pulling on the Walker Heads wheel to have 2 of those Betas.

2 betas AND elodie.


Oh yeah, didn’t see her I was more focused on the Betas lol

5 fully maxed gen 2’s with good mods and weps will get s10. Not sure about s10+… but next mod removal I’m gonna try. Eric, Eric, cole, Douglas and Diego got me s10.

not mine

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How much is your team worth?

No value, scopely says so… on some wheels at least.

S2 seems so long ago :frowning:

Didn’t Chevy discontinue the S10 a few years back? #dadjokesrule


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