I have not been able to.

Has anyone pulled it off?


Most I’ve ever seen was S9+ I don’t think there is a way to get S10 without hacking or maybe being extremely lucky with mods/weapons.


Get yo pull game up Wandy… :wink:


Highest I’ve seen is s9++, not sure if it’s possible for s10 just yet


It’s takes a 200 iq to equip 5 barkers in order to reach S10


Leader 2 stats + maxxed people with weapons hp/def/atk maybe


Any proof …ive yet to see a s9++


Impossible. Check top 100 players. Not one has battle bonus hogher than one represented by S9++


I saw it once during crw but it was a bit sketchy , something about a team of two stars that high was a bit off


Would they be on top 100 though? Maybe they didn’t pull their weight.


Its based on assumption that best players have best teams and are active players. Sure, there might be some suspicious 3 max mods on each toon somewhere hidden, but another assumption is that S10 is actually made on purpose higher than currently possible, so Scopely would implement 7* toons with 4 slot platinum mods with cherry on top or something :wink:


I pooled every mod I have with the highest lead skill and corresponding weapons last night…was unable to get S10.


Note I was able to show the ‘perfectness’ of a mod was a factor.

Left was c++
Right was b
Only difference was the mod ‘perfectness’

Effect isn’t huge. Had to find the perfect combination to show this difference.


Oh that’s interesting. So it actually must take into account many factors that cant really be accounted for. I have also noticed this on Bound weapons that are 430 versus 410 “score” even when the stat boost is the same.


S10 pfft I’ve been s11 for a month now



A mod score (hidden) seems to exist.

Weapon score seems to be the weight. Not the stats provided by the weapon.


There’s an s9++ in my region, I posted recently about their absolutely perfect mods that are all max possible rolls (650 stat, 50% trait, 75% resist, and they were “lucky” enough to have gotten 20+ of them “legitimately”)…so it appears even when cheating the system, s10 isn’t possible.


This is my dream S10 team :drooling_face:



@ref slots 2 and 4 could be better.


That desert eagle is op