S classes are ruining the game

The s classes were completely unnecessary. We did not ask for them. We did not want them. And now they are ruining the game by rendering all other legends obsolete. I want to level up my ascendables, but I just get this feeling that I’m just wasting my resources because within a few months I will have a full s class team. There are some legends that are beneficial to s class teams, but run-of-the-mill legends are woefully inadequate. Am I the only one who feels this way?


Only leveling for points. Saving all lilliths and Ulysses

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No shit sherlock took you this long to realize

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I’ve realized, but no one in my region seems to think so. Mostly because they’ve spent money and wouldn’t want that to be reversed.


Well you should be ahead of the curve then

I think you’re too positive thinking you’ll have a full s class team

But that already happened to us w 5s so nothing new under the sun

We already got two free and most have a third or close by now at the least

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No need to be so sensitive, it was a joke

No need to get sensitive it was facts

Cause I couldn’t count Christa and Kapoor on my own?

Old news bro…

What did you get?

Not everyone chose crista

**lol ok, gold bar toon and Kapoor, happy?

It’s still 2…

No one asked for s classes it sucks no doubt but honestly you only got 2 options: quit the game or realize that most of those ascendables you have are useless and start grinding your ass off for some s classes of your own to compete

And I spent thousands before 6*s came out and look where that got me in game now…best thing is just stop spending money on this game no matter what you spend it on they’ll just throw something even better eventually and what you bought will be useless


i’m sure scopely ain’t stupid, so if they keep pushing out op s-class toons, then that means there are profits to be made. it’s frustrating, but there are just players who are willing to pay, and to keep paying.

hey, i would have done the same thing if i were scopely.

The Reason why they released S class is they need more money.

Since 6*s are started to Broken.
(with all those turn 1 active skills and new spec skill Payback.)

Tbh except new shiled guy(can’t remember what was his name. Cameron??), There was no need to spend at all cuz we could win against most teams.
as everyone knows, It’s been quite a long since 6* released, some of f2p players could get some good toons either.

and the toons like Michelle, Donny, Charlie made f2p guys can beat p2p.
(at least i could.)

So scopely needed more money.
they knew 6s are already broken, and there was literally nothing left to release new toons, since 6s are broken af.

So, Same thing happend like they did to 5*s.

all those broken 5s and make all of it useless with new 6 system.

and now.

scopely made enough money with 6*s.

they need fresh money with S class.
that’s why they released it.