S Class Willie, Turn 1 Infection to 4 Active Skill

Willie is the next S Class promo character coming into the game and he brings with him an active skill with one of the highest potentials as it can kill 4 characters by turn 3 if the infection is allowed to ride out.

Even the 6* is powerful as it infects 2 for 3 turns as well, so you could potentially use an S Class and a 6* in the same attack team to turn 1 the entire defense.

How do you think S Class Willie will be best used?

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Why Not Both

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Thanks for another great video bud. They just keep making harder to keep on surviving if you ain’t dropping the money.


Definitely won’t be useful against t1 Mercer teams, although he might be useful for standard pete teams

Guo Leader + Willie
turn 1: 3 turns 75% heal reduction to all+ 15% infection to 4 enemies
this could be really annoying

Wangfa will be needed with the 100% heal reduction to all as 15% infection is so low.

Depends I guess. Mercer lead for stun, Princess for turn 2 control to 3 and a Willie/Wangfa around them as well.Attack team less reliant on rushes and more on actives this way. Could be alright.

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Willie is but a barnicle on Kennys boat.

Plus if my Willie infected anyone in one turn id get self to clinic


Releasing a toon that infects everyone. Nice timing Scopely.

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can you cleanse infection

Zach and Gabriel get rid of infection… Not sure who else cleanses all penalties


Mackenzie blue revive 6*

bad timing to release infection char with cv spreading around the world init

Can you heal infection away from a toon that is at full health without it being Bonus HP?