S Class Willie, Trauma Rush + Active Gameplay

S Class Willie is of course the event reward in the Curious Conundrum Event. In the video below I show how the Trauma on his rush and his active can combine to do damage.

How will you use your Rubik’s Cubes in the event?


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lol nice gif


Tanya has Outlast, I did just cleanse her, she’s going to rush and there’s nothing I can do to stop that [not quoted verbatim]

I don’t think that’s the case. You can’t target an Outlasting toon, and if that toon is the only one left your turn is over, but while another toon is still alive you can hit them with non-targeted control. Rush the Eugene before killing the Jackie and you should be good (unless she resists impair of course). I used to do this kind of thing a lot to keep Mia from reviving people when she was meta.

Soo Puzzled, am i crazy that is see big willie as being as really good toon… Well if one effect works before being removed. Turn 2 potential

Deffo want for nightmare maps anyway even if this only works against non revive teams.


This guy needs at least a third status effect on his rush even if it’s just something useless like crosshairs to bring his damage potential up to 12,000

See thats what im worried about his active removeing crosshairs so no decap/s.
All hinges on that.

Crosshairs is one of the least useless effects in the game


This game is getting to easy.
Finger poke of doom

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It would be useless for him cause he would cleanse it before he kills anyone

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Ah fair play, you meant in this specific case, thought you were talking generally

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I got this whilst going for 15/35… but I’m thinking I might just leave it and use Mercer lead with Willie behind him… If I get him of course.

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I have that on mercer’s wep to