S Class Wangfa, The New Zachary?

A new S Class is here going by the name of Wangfa and he brings a lot of DoT damage with him as well as a loss of heads! Crosshairs everywhere! 66AP means he can rush extremely quickly on the right team and the sooner you get that hemorrhage going the more lethal he will be.

The leader skill also gives crosshairs for the first few turns and whilethis might sound strong it will rely on other hard hitters to get the job done as the bleeds will not kill quick enough. Fortunately for Wangfa he also has crosshairs, to all, on his rush as an S Class.

Will you go for Wangfa? (either short term or long term)

  • Yes
  • No

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No, gonna keep saving for a melee attack lead, im not a fan of these lead skill toons with heal reduction, crosshairs, etc. Raulito is ok and can work very well as a bleed team lead for reds and greens but i would rather have something like attack, hp, huge bonus when attacking. It does spice things up but not a fan really.

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Long term, definitely. Hes a powerful toon to help counter all of the Pete’s and such with that heal reduction on his rush. Short term, in all honesty I’m just really low on blue gear. Lol


Wanna see what his weapon is saying and how strong his right arm is… wangfa lol :wink:

There’s no they can keep up this bleed meta. Some sort of counter has to be coming along soon.

I guessed in the video timed nicely just before next WoC finals :wink:


Most likely exactly when

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Only I’m feeling bored with this? 20k bleed for 100 turns here, crosshair for your entire roster for 50 turns that, 500% heal reduction… It’s getting harder and harder to run any 6* toon except with a big loads of veteran rings, but after some months they still very inaccessible.
Also, even the first S class toons will become useless very soon compared to fresh ones.

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Yep. Which is why I haven’t focused on any. Might be making a mistake but I once a counter is released for bleed, they will serve no purpose. Priya and Aarav will always have some value.


Wont Zachary kind of make him irrelevant though wont he remove all his crap

Wangfa: "You will be assimilated. "


Personally I would say raulito is better just because the toon affected can’t be healed

Probably there will be a bleed resist or full cleanse char but still, the crosshairs to all characters for 3 or 4 turns will be viable if it is on a 66ap rush.

only pay to play players can get he fast,to desapointing,the game have a lot of problems and scopely made another S if 98% of players cant get along much months.

You are forgetting that he is meant to be paired with Daiyu. For one she can accelerate the bleed, because of her specialist skill and two she has the Trauma on her rush, which punishes anyone who tries to remove the bleed.

Wangfa is sort of a S Class Jiangfeng minus the lacerate.

Zach was much more ahead of the curve when he came out. Wangfa is a small leap forward, not even close to the leap of the META when Zach was released.

Of course, everyone can see from miles away that there is bound to be a counter sooner or later. But all things considered, Wangfa is still a powerful character. He will be even more powerful once Daiyu gets released.