S Class Tyler, Next F2P Gold Bricks Character Preview & Gameplay

Early info on the next Gold Bricks character, Tyler, was released a few days ago but here is some gameplay for you as well! I also test out the 100% crit weapon that is possible for fast characters to see the kind of boost he can get with it.

The choice crate will be coming back with when Tyler comes into the game so you will have a choice of who you want to pick up out of all the previously released Gold Brick characters as well.

Who will you choose from the crate?

  • Christa
  • James
  • Angel
  • Glenn
  • Tyler

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If we’d had a choice last time I would have got James. But I think Tyler is worth getting. I probably won’t use him on a main attack team but he might come in handy.

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Im choose tyler, im have only S fast stevens so tyler is good choice for me.

When are they putting the box out for everyone

Greens are my weakest trait. But unfortunately James just doesn’t cut it anymore. So I’ll probably just go for Tyler. Although i have plenty of better fast toons already.

Tyler popped up in my draft arenas today. Picked him cause I didnt know who he was. Joke was on me; everything was TBD and his rush did basic attack damage LOL

This is embarrassing, throwing an incomplete producer to the public shows how incompetent and nefarious your service can be. :man_facepalming:
It also happened to me but for obvious reasons I did not select him for my team.

I will be taking a third james.


When are they releasing this box for everyone to choose

At this point in the game, I’m just collecting characters I like, or that I think look cool. Definitely will be claiming Tyler. He can be very useful on my melee attack team and he’s easily an upgrade over the last gold bar s-class Glenn

Third James Gang

Hopefully tylers profile pic isn’t as garbo as his card. Think he will look cool for that.

Combo tyler james gang

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“Sr is where he will shine” heard that clicked off the vid. His profile pic is boss asf btw.

Close, I said that SR is where Collateral Damage will shine. 9:56 for reference :wink:

Sr would be his main use for him 14:14 :wink:

Angel I have Christa and she is still valuable and James even more than her for all the walker stages and in one of my attack teams.

Misquotes galore today :wink:

I said SR would be MY main use for him.

Cool kids club

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