S class toons neednway to much gear

It’s almost ridiculous the amount of gear that is needed to lvl an s class toon either league stores prices need to go way down and the amount you can buy should be raised or the amount of gear that’s actually needed needs to be cut in half at least or possibly both there is no reason for needing that much gear


I think the amount of gear is good. The gear should be more available though


The problem with that much gear needed is that soon people won’t be able to lvl up anytoons because all of there gear is completely gone scopely is shooting itself in the foot by doing this because the gear shortage was a problem before now it’s an Epidemic


And with the non stop lvl ups what are people to do? And the amount of gear for the milestones and prizes aren’t increasing so there for we will become stuck unless you are extremely careful and have everything planned out so u don’t end up using gear that u will later need to lvl ur s class toons

I do agree for one part though I think it’s alright that it takes a bit more gear than usually it takes for upgrading 6* toons. People who already have s/class toons due of luck, money or skopelie’s wonderful rng shouldn’t get another advantage when leveling or upgrading those toons because they get them faster maxed up.

As someone who has 32 of the legendary gear boxes sitting in my inventory from the territory…

I still need gps, canteens, school bags, walkie talkies…

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Gotta prep in advance, the gear is alot but you have to think how the introduction of six stars war with gear being scarce asf.

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I don’t :thinking: it’s possible for me to fully lvl one at this point but meh be couple months before I have 1 S class excluding freebie to even worry about it

Farm 2 stars lol gιt gυd scub

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There is a reason for everything Scopely does. They have their goals, we have ours. I uninstalled because fun isnt one of them. I’ll lurk to see if that ever changes.

Exactly.I’m not sure if I should level up my S-class or help my team win 1st.It’s flippin stupid.
And getting to 110 for shit points ain’t no picnic.

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