S-Class Toon Swap Museum Colleciton (James + Christa)

Slow em christa. Got it from here. Bazooka!!!

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The targets hit by waste not can be effected by the slow and heal reduction

That’s funny, because I just did a raid to test out my theory and an enemy killed by Waste Not had the heal reduction applied to it.

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Christ’s has loopholes use her wisely. (Just like your gf)

You’re right about it I’ve seen it many times…only toon that I’ve never seen get the slow and heal reduction is the initial target of her AR

Pssh noobs.

You just need 3 Zhus to win all fights.


How did you get three of him? One from the (P2P) Event and One from ordering the Novel :thinking:

What the deuce

I feel like the biggest question is why he put all those resources into ascending two of them…

But yeah, red flag on the suspicious front…

I got 2 in my inbox already ascended. The level 1 one I earned from the event.

Я так радуюсь что большинство народа выбрало Кристу! у нас в реге первая 30 с джеймсом, а с Кристой все в низах! это лучший показатель, кто эффективнее. Поставил джеймсу мод атаку против красных и он теперь рвёт их в пух и прах! а еще отлично кокает вредных желтых! Два удара и пол команды нету…
Молитесь и дальше на бесполезную кристу… Те у кого было два акка, брали в одну Кристу а в другую джеймса, и эти люди повально хвалят Джеймса.
Один минус, Капур сложно сочетается с Джеймсом и это единственнный его минус…

I am so glad that most people chose Krista! we have in the regs the first 30 with james, and with Krista everything is at the bottom! This is the best indicator of who is more effective. He set James mod attack against the Reds and now he is tearing them to pieces! and it’s also good at naughty yellow! Two hits and no team floor …
Pray further on the useless crista …
Those who had two akk took James in the other and James in the other, and these people praised James.
One minus, Kapoor is difficult to combine with James and this is his only minus …

Funny, I am wishing I took Christa now. James was better for me at the time I took him though.

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