S-Class Toon Swap Museum Colleciton (James + Christa)

Hi, I noobed and took Christa instead of James, and I am really regretting this decision seeing how great he is, especially now the collateral damage doesn’t cause AP gain. I think it would be great if once maxed there was a collection in the museum that allowed people to swap Christa for James or vice-versa, once only.

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I don’t think u noobed as christa is better


You’re noobing now


Wrong Christa is a beast and smashes that little green toon with paste on his chin :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Super noob post


We are in a red meta now, james isnt helping with that on attack or defense, christa is great but i do wish i could reset her active skill


Dang straight. On my disarm team with zander oh yeah. . I actually hope for James in tourneys bc I know I got his antidote. Would not change or trade her for anything! Beast is a perfect word for her.

I wouldn’t replace Christa even if given 2 James


Agree James is far more superior he can clear teams in one rush something Christa cannot.



Scopely gave james a fat ass buff because people like christa better.


The Grass may appear better on the other side, but right now I take Christa over James every time, I am happy to see James when I am raiding, I actually leave him for a couple of rounds, he holds no fears. Its just not a good time to be a green toon at the moment.

Be happy with your Christa, Pair her with a helpful leader skill, and enjoy the carnage. Watch as helpless pitiful dudes waving stop signs get crushed by Christa.


Most of my attack team are yellow, so Christa is the toon I like to see rather than James. However, I’d be able to make more effective attack teams with Christa atm if I had her instead of James.
Haven’t levelled my James’s AS yet and I’d advise against doing so if you want to use him on def.

She can clean up to 3 if 2 have pain split

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And James can clean up 4 without Pain Split :wink:

Jingle the both of em. As a smart prophet once said I don’t have to choose got both of an :wink:

She could technically clean out 4 if the enemy has 2 pain splits.

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+slow and 100% heal reduction to the last one

Nope. From what I’ve noticed, the slow and heal reduction can go to anyone but the initial target. So that includes targets killed by Waste Not.

James seems great now when using him but that collateral damage aint gonna do enough once everyone has S class teams