S Class Tanya, First Look & Gameplay

S Class Tanya is the next promo character coming to RTS and she is a medic (shock) which is quite the rare thing in the S Class era so far!

She has a lot of things going on with her rush and the fact that she can do it so often, with it having 100% AP gain hooked onto the end, the potential to take down a team with her on just got a lot harder.

Add to that her being an Outlast specialist she will rush even when focused. Although there are many counters to different parts of her kit if you dont try to contain her abilities she will run riot on a defense team.

What do you think of Tanya?


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Thank you for the video! Going to have to break out the debit card because who doesn’t need a healer!


I’m getting 5 :smiley:


Why not nine? I mean go all out

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2 of her on a defence team would be dangerous, especially if they had different resists.
There are counters already in game though - Exhaust and Trauma being the main ones. I’m just glad they made her outlast rather than giving her Traders specialist - could you imagine a team with 2 of her on with Traders specialist? Something I imagine Scopely are daft enough to do.

Still an absolute top toon.

As it stands, Jacki-Tanya-Trader-Tanya-Trader will be a mental team to face.



still no kenny pepe sad.



Does anyone have screenshot’s for the purpose of sharing? No I don’t watch YouTube on my devices. I watch it on my TV


Its zacary S but woman kkkk, f2p are get this toon after 3 months and her are useless at this time,this is very bad in game,armory,s class level up and geting,gears and trainers,too exausthing now pass 2 months to get S toon and you get its totally useless.

Lmao @Lockdown

Not sure what to think about Tanya but If I had to guess I would say it looks like she has very thin skin and likes to abuse her power when she’s clearly losing a debate. :wink:

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wow what happened i was halfway reading and then half the posts are gone

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nothing was to do with the topic haha, just more of the same forum stuff :smiley:


Take a guess.


@TheSteve the post is gone but the power of kek lies in me too brother

Then just ignore it like every adult would do. Now it just looks like as if… You know? Be glad that people still give you a few comments and views.

Bro its war here every day kkkkk

I’m still just trying to figure out why people who don’t pay think that they deserve the newest and the best.

And again thank you for the video and the breakdown. Some of us do appreciate your work

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I’m retiring :joy:




Sorry but Memes don’t work for me my vision is to pour.