S-Class Storm Discussion Thread

Got it. Unfortunately, that’s how Scopely works. They like sucking money of the playerbase. Feel bad for ya.

Ummm, @WalkerTexasRanger, @TayTron?

Could you please update the in game blog? I’m not sure it affects the promo, since I am stingy with my coins anyway, but I would never pull for a toon that pumps AP on my enemies (well, unless I had them exhausted, but that would be still a niche thing):

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I thought it was Jesus with all that swooshy hair.

How about give f2p some other options to get more old S classes , you’re slowing the process like hell .
We need more years , trainers … Choice boxes
I know it’s all about money for you , it always was .
But f2p keep P2P spending , if you don’t do something more players will quite pretty soon with this greed for money you have

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