S-Class Storm Discussion Thread

Let us know what you think about the new S-Class Character Storm here!

A Strom is brewing alright, a Shite Storm of P2P bullshite while the game gets worse daily.


His tattoos are horrendous. Whatever employee made his design secretly has them or wants to get them.

didn’t even bother to look at the stats of the toon.

Don’t be worried, we had glen…


Looks like a good single killer version to Aaravs kill a line that is partially countered by camouflage… and beheading ensures what comes down will stay down.

I just wonder, is beheading an effect that Trader can resist? Normally it should not (decapitated outlast characters don’t get cured of the decapitation if “remove all negative effects” is cast, so it should not be a status to be resisted), but you never know…

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Design is horrible but good fast toon for p2p.
That rush will screw with a whole team at once, an attack with him, aarav and davie would be very hard hitting

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Fix your game and then fill it up with working , updated content and then give us p2p toons to use in a working not fully glitched, bugged, unbalanced ,unfinished, broken game.

I think not. Crosshairs yes, decap, no

Yes, that’s what I think too. But I’d like to have some proof from the devs on it… You know, assumption is the mother of all Fups…

We were playing with the Trader the other day, got a couple in the faction, and I’m sure we talked about the exact thing then… but I didn’t test it personally.

Decapitate is in the list of Status effects though… so yeah it would be nice to know for sure

Only more toons for whales… and common players and f2p are gone in this game ,scopely needs increse the amount of shards in daly map,every week heve new S toon paid and its very bad to get only reason for this trash of cards.

It’s an interesting question. If it turns out he can resist decap, that would make him 75% resistant to the actual effects of crosshairs. Because he could resist crosshairs or he could fail resisting crosshairs but then resist the decap part.

Tried on friend’s Trader with Axel. Beheading is not resisted.


for 100 openings on roulette give 1 character. over the next 100 do not give?

No, you only get one 5* after one hundred pulls

after 200, they don’t give another 5 *? :рыдать:

No, only the first hundred

5 attempts at 40
5 attempts out of 10
The storm did not fall …

Damn, son! That’s Scopely odds right there for ya! By now you must enough cards to get the S Class right?

Yes. collected cards …
But it’s a shame that I had to collect 2k more cards. If only one character fell out of such a huge number of discoveries.