S Class Steve, War of Champions Reward

War of Champions has a unique reward as many of you may well know, top 3 in WoC receive the character straight up and everyone else has the chance to work for him via milestones or top of their required cards with WoC exclusive offers.

So this character will of course only be available for people competing in WoC this weekend and never be available in the future for them to complete the required cards they need or anyone outside of WoC to receive them. When it comes to balance, this character needed to be as balanced as possible as to not widen the gap even more with the wider playerbase.

What do you think of Steve?

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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As my ingame name is Steve Smooky.I need the S class version of my self!

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Hey steve remember me?

Yea I recognize the name

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How are you bud?

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Gud…gud warring…

What region do you want to move on?

His weapon 3rd slot is basically an Ar, plus his actual Ar, I think he’ll be dealing a lot of damage

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