S class Shiva weapon

What would u guys recommend for his weapon?

Keep the last slot 30% hp And huge bonus to ap when attacking.

Thinking 10% healing for 2 turns for each debuff on the character for 4th slot. Either that or bonus HP for blue team player craft. HP definitely for slot 1. Huge on attack as she will be behind a Frost. Slot 3 the same as it works well with payback (opponents don’t want to AR or basic attack). Just make sure she has good stun and disarm resists.


I got HP max out then AP when attacking and tough Health. But atm i use a swap Weapon with Impair and Elusive on her…

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Impair and elusive will work even better than her default slot 3 in most cases I reckon. Good call.

She need no Stun resist. Use Taunt, Impair or Disarm Resi. No need to wast Slot for Stun Resi!

I was thinking along the lines of the fact that if she is tanked up, her bleed when attacked will be excellent since any team without a Princess doesn’t want to risk ARing on her, but both stun and disarm will prevent slot 3 from not proc-ing
When she is taunted or impaired her claws will still bleed

As i said. Use swap Weapon with Impair and Elusive. This 2k bleed are just for 1 Turn. Makes no different to a good attack Team anyway. If you play with Lacerator at Def okay but if not… then 2k for 1 turn is nothing…

Her default slot sucks, change it to elusive impair with 35% hp + tough health on 4th slot

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