S class shield tomorrow!

I don’t think Mercer lead will be good for him. Still get resist on doc and a command and turn two kill him. But really fighting Mercer is lucky. I would go almost glass cannon behind Mercer on defense just cause u want to do some damage first round. Would not waste a space for a shield is what I am saying. But that is my opinion.

Now if they included a negan or wayland you could not kill turn one yes that would be bad but that doesn’t have to be behind a Mercer.

I disagree I think he would be very good behind a Mercer lead, I could have done what you do and go full glass cannon behind Mercer which is a good set up not debating that but I prefer to slow my opponent down as much as possible. I much rather it takes someone 12 turns to beat my defence then my defence to win in 1 or 2 turns

that’s exactly what I would do. Such a smart girl you are (in Yoda voice).

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Too bad ton if s princess will be in wild after this sr

10k-15k+ def coming…tank of tanks defs :frowning:

How about make a an old 5* shield acendable to S class such as Konrad you fucks


From checking vk. I think he’s gonna be a p2p (Pull not play) toon. I seen no frost shards or anything.

So Frost will either be the first pay to pull s class (Meaning you cant pull 2 ascends and get x amount of shards to get s class)

Or the standard procedure. (You can either pull the s class or pull 2 frost ascends, Pull for x amount of cards and get s class)

VK shows the shard collection from museum.

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Why in the world would you give them an idea like that

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