S class shield tomorrow!

Places Wayland in line with Frost. Bring on your Aarav. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wayland? That man will get nuked in 1 basic attacked without a lead tho! I don’t think it’s enough :thinking:

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we all know scopley have fucked up the balance on toons (priya double attack with rampage) so much it doesnt really matter what you put up

Angel lead.

I wish he was one of the f2p s classes.

Angel’s trauma would make this new Frost to kill 3 of his own team members :rofl:
Bring in also the free Jiafeng too…

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why ? he doesnt give AR

I’m referring to trauma, not exhaust. but after further reading it looks trauma works only with status effects.

mmmm…Turn 1 food for Aarav

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Unbound weapon. But princess is going to eat him for an appetizer

I’ll be keeping my :moneybag:, Scopely is plenty rich from robbin folx

Elusive won’t proc if you disarm him turn 1

Why attack him t1 he will be dead t2. I really thought there would be some gimmick to him, he just seems kind of mediocre.


I figured t1 shield to give him a chance tbh.

Yea for sure. But I see now why they released angel first to stop doc from taunting him.

I expected to pull for him but I’m just doing sc pulls.

Might as well call this dude “Whales mating call”

Him under mercer or angel is gonna suck.

There is impair resist, disarm, impair recover…

I’d rather face him on those teams than an extra priya.