S-Class Shards/War Crates Issue - [1/10 - 1/12 War]

Some people know which toon they want and need to benefit their team the most that’s why you open the boxes to get the toon you are after eventually

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When @GR.Scopely falls asleep and starts clicking buttons


That makes zero sense bud. I’m not sure you even read my post. Opening them early doesn’t change anything. You can still save the boxes even if you know what toon you want, it doesn’t make you get the toon quicker. And if you change your mind you would be screwed because you already opened crates for another toon. You open them when you have enough for the toon. You have to do some adding though so I know that would be problem for many of you.

Going by your logic, players shouldn’t be complaining about this issue. Like you said, they opened the crates for the toon they want right? So what’s the problem then?

Who in their right mind would sit on these boxes for a couple of months? You? :rofl:

Yeah right.

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Who in their right mind opens bugged items before waiting for a resolution? Who in their right mind, knowing the crates were bugged, would expect extras and compensation after opening them? You, no question. :rofl:

No critical thinking for you bud. Or no thinking at all.

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When did you know they were bugged? Not everyone visits this forum 21 times a day. You talk some real bullshit here.

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As soon as I got the crates. We were told there would be Mercer and Princess cards in them before this last war even started so if you’ve visited the forums in the past week then you would know.

What kind of nonsense you’re trying to tell me? The rewards were clear before war started Friday. The different cards are not the issue, but that most didn’t have certain toon’s cards in their rewards and couldn’t know that these boxes were bugged. What you’re trying to tell others here is, that it is better to sit on your rewards / crates for months no matter if these crates are bugged or not. And this is ridiculous.

Well for me I got the false crates and yeti went with the raulito bullets because that’s the toon I am after

This isnt cool scopely. I’m sure ppl opened them expecting what u advertised to be in them. How is it the ppls fault???

You still need to select what reward you want. I noticed it was bugged and closed the box instead. Crazy to expect or even hope for a double reward. That would only turn into more complaints from everyone else

Mine was replaced with the correct boxes.
Seems every boxes beforehand are there.

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Mines fixed now too. Happy they fixed it!!

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