S-Class Shards/War Crates Issue - [1/10 - 1/12 War]

Hello Survivors,

We’ve received reports from some players that they’ve received a choice box that did not contain Mercer and Princess cards during the last war, which ran from Jan 10 - Jan 12. If you received war crates during that war and you have not opened those crates, we will be automatically removing them from your inventory and replacing them with a new choice box that will contain Mercer and Princess cards in addition to other S-Class items. Any war crates that were opened after being obtained during this weekend’s war will not be replaced with this new choice box.

Additionally, please note that any war crates received prior to last weekend’s war contain the correct rewards and do not need to be replaced with the new crates.

Please expect to receive these replacements by Saturday, Jan 18 if you were impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



Thanks for the update.

I’ve been hoarding crates, so I better count them all up so when you guys take my crates and replace them I’m not getting robbed blind.


Ditto :joy: :joy:

The impatient crate openers gonna be piiiisssssed.


Another poor decision. Punishing players for opening your mistake? Makes sense. Just give them extra boxes.


Lol expecting double rewards is ridiculous. Should have known you couldn’t open those AND get replacements. Thanks @GR.Scopely for helping get this resolved


Yes because they always respond to issues so quickly. Could have kept them for more than a year for all we know. And you know they will miss a bunch of people who will message support and nothing will be done.


Why are people opening them? After all, it’s pointless opening them unless you know it’s going to give you enough shards for the toon you want.


Can you tell support that please? I asked and got the usual rubbish about rebooting the game and standing next to a good WiFi connection for 20 minutes.

Also, how difficult is it to send out the right rewards?

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Not sure. It didn’t affect me. Maybe they forgot and needed items and started at the end? Who knows. Could be a few reasons. But I just Don’t agree with holding players responsible when it’s a mistake from the company.

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This is like scopelys MO tho lol locking us in factions for 2 weeks for coingate, resetting everyones Andrea shield, etc.

I got the wrong ones. Hope they replace with the right ones lol

Its getting harder to tell from this company as to what is a mistake or intentional. Something similar happened with michonne flags if not mistaken & i believe we were told to open them to get credited the correct ones, so maybe people thought the same here? Once again though people are being punished for using what was given thinking maybe the written rewards were incorrect, cuz you know that isnt the first time they wrote something wrong.


Exactly. Last time there was an issue with reward crates we were told to open. Now those who opened are punished. Great QAQC as always.


so who like me has already opened them is damaged !!! congratulations to your seriousness. as always, every time you have to harm someone. how disgusting

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A tiny bit of consistency in your solutions to your mistakes, would be appreciated @ForumAdmin

It’s not really helpful at all when you chose the exact opposite solution as you did to the same mistake the last time.

Thanks :blush:


Highly advise that people use all other choice boxes asap. They will have coding to show which boxes were won with war… but this is Scopely we are talking about.

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But the mistake (we all know probably gonna be one) might be in the players favor. When they attempt to fix I mean

Yeah whatever I opened them :frowning: