S-Class Shards in War Rewards

Can you guys put older s-class shards back into the war crates? It’s great going for new s-class toons but it’d be nice if you’re allowed to go for older s-class toons as well just a thought.
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It’s intend so you will never able to get 10k cards of the same toon easy unless you spend for it. That’s why they brought S class to the game


Older cards seem to be given in much higher quantity from mini events.

Eg: Upcoming Afternath event will give about 4K old S-class cards; the recent encyclopedia gave 10k old S-class cards.

They seem to be diversifying rewards with war offering more recent characters, followed by onslaught offering the inbetween or new and old.


I just want to finish Minerva lol
I hope a similar event for Minerva will come soon

When I say older I mean everything that’s not in the crates now like Rick or Dylan etc

Minerva is trash lol


Encyclopedia is 100% pay to play event,no count.

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