S class roadmaps

The daily roadmaps need to use world energy, not something special that people have to purchase.

The maps need to be difficult, but not S10++ with the latest maxed OP toons.


This ^ , purchasable roadmaps are trash

I agree. They’re trying to say they’re making S-Class more readily available and they are; but only to the god damn spenders. Stop with the nonsense. Get rid of torches. Waste of a damn milestone slot too.


Exactly. Or if you do wanna keep it the way it is with torches in milestones. make the keys received on the map a more sizeable number.
That said I haven’t done the math yet though for how many keys we get per x amnt of tourneys. I imagine its a sad ratio.


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@PC(this would be nice)

Considering you need 11k for Pete S Class and considering you get 24 keys (or 24+125 keys if you achieve the premium S Class roadmap), then it will be something like 459 days (or 74 days) …

Say you earn enough torches to complete the premium roadmap once every 15 days, its gonna take just one year for you to get Pete S Class … Who already is outdated with Priya and/or Laopo !!! And the best is yet to come since scope is eagering to launch numerous fresh S Class as GR stated (half words) in the dedicated thread …

So, feel free to work your @ss up all year long to get a trash toon that wont be of any use.

I sure wont.

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A response please.

Whatever they do with this roadmap either by dramatically increasing the torches in milestones the key payout in the roadmap itself or making it a world energy map, these toons need to be attainable in a reasonable amount of time. Grinding for a toon for like 9 months is going to be a waste of time when it’ll be useless way before then

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