S-Class roadmap?

For how long the S-Class roadmap will be on? Please don’t say a month. I know that already. I need the final date so I can make my calculations for the torches.
If someone can help me with that, Thank you.

I doubt the community will receive an official answer to your question. Even if they’re going to extend the map there will always be people who cry that they couldn’t get enough keys or torches at the end.

No harm in asking. Also on those roadmaps will the ice cream roadmap run more? @GR.Scopely

if it stays up for how long the pete anderson museum thing is up it will be a about a year and you will need to do the roadmap for 90 days inluding ALL the torch stages to get him or 300 days of doing the non torch part with 36 days of Doing the torch parts @Ivareen2.0

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