S Class road map

Does anyone know when it will be the last day of the S-class road map?

Check in the collections and then see how long ruffly until they stop

But that’s 339 days and the roadmaps are only apparently running for a month.
It would be good @GR.Scopely for you to comment on one of the many tags asking you the exact date of the final key roadmap. As many players are wanting to know.
How could it possibly be a downside for Scopely to let their players know when this finishes? It will not harm Scopely at all, yet it will please your players to know this information. It’s an easy win for you here!

I aren’t going for keys I am of for ice cream cones

Well that one’s 360 days. Funnily enough, those with an ice cream cone logo in the museum have nothing to do with ice cream cones. Even more incompetence. At least this one has no effect on game play.

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