S-Class Rick worth it for $100?

Just noticed that there are 4 of these offers which means a person can get all the cards needed for S-Class Rick. Anyone think Rick is worth the cost?

Nope. His AR is trash. Only good thing about him is his weapon. If you want command skill better use some 6 star

To be completely honest, nothing in the app is worth spending on.


I wouldn’t straight spend 100$ on anything. I’ll admit I’m a light spender but he’s not worth that much. But, for a quick headstart or to finish him off the offer isn’t the worst. He’s the only S Class command and does it well. His weapon is awesome with that 8% on it, his specialist is among the best, his active can come in clutch if people forget it revives, and his rush is ok but commands shouldn’t be rushing as often anyway. Overall a solid toon but none are worth 100$ ouright


I just wish his active was recover impair and revive, instead of recover normalize.

I always thought those 100$ offers were there simply to make other things seem like a better value. I had never considered someone would actually buy one…

I just imagine all the pulls people have done for Rick that cost much more then all of a sudden Scopely sells Rick for a flat $100. I definitely smell another Command S-Class n it’s way.

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No toon is worth £100 :flushed:


Or a different class all together. Lol. It’s getting close to reset time

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For $100 yes but scary cause if they’re selling him that cheap.
This may be a sign of SS class coming soon.

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no for 2 reasons:

  • he is a toon released in april just after Rosita, Eugene, Shiva and soon Rick’s cards will be very very common (or almost free like for the mentioned toons)
  • I’m sure that a better S-class command toon will be released in the next months and Rick will be obsolete
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Command is a specialist skill that almost ensures the toon with it will never be obsolete. You can still use siddiq today, but not on a defense team. Hell, if you’re really desperate and lucky you could probably even use a 5*


Still though… No toon is worth 100$

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And also this^

Nothing in this game is worth $100. Scopely has given us this mindset of things in this game being far more valuable than they are. ie. coins. Therefore we’re led to think $100 is justifiable if we will outright get the character…one character,

Think about what $100 could buy you in real life first. I’m trying not to sound like “TheY’Re JusT PiXeLs” but that’s just how it is.

Materialism: Spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t know


Even a person who can easily afford to spend 100 bucks should consider the value - how much joy / entertainment / satisfaction value would Rick get them compared to real world value of 100 bucks (new pair of sneakers, a nice dinner date, etc).

If anyone has to ask if a Scopely deal is good value, their “joy” can be expected to be pretty non-existent if they fork the cash over…


wish i could get back every cent i’ve spent on the game
i could seriously pimp my car out with that cash

I could buy a decent city bicycle (not an e-bike, mind you) :smiley:

I don’t regret my expenses though (well, maybe except the 4 months of SC)

i regret it.
anything i spent money on in this game is pretty much wasted

Don’t regret “wasting” your time on it? Time is a more precious commodity, eventually…