S Class Raulito with Decap & 1500 Bleed for 4 Turns

Another 2 weeks pass, another S Class is released even with the recent post regarding the player councils issues with the S Class release rate it does not seem to have slowed down at all.

With no real access to S Class characters short term the majority will suffer due to this massive balance gap. Right now the introduction of S Class characters is directly mirroring that of Generation 2 6* character release, arguably the worst point in TWD RTS history for balance and enjoyment.

How to fix S Class balance issues
In the video I also talk about something I have mentioned on my stream a few times regarding S Class acquisition and that I think collectables should be used to tier up S Class characters not get them in the first place - if the characters themselves were a lot more accessible initially (think Christa and James, but Whales can tier them up quickly) the games balance would be much healthier - and would relate to pretty much any other shard based drop game out there… which is what RTS is trying to replicate with S Class.

Should all S Class be F2P with Collectables needing to be used to tier them up?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes. I haven’t played many other mobile games but I’ve heard of this ‘shard’ gameplay which Scopely appears to have replicated with S-Class collectables. I don’t actually mind a good long-haul collection to chip at - as long as:

- Every character of this level is available via collection
- Each collectible is equally accessible, there seems a heavy blue key bias at the moment, not good if I want Lao Po or Priya. I personally think a universal collection currency that you can convert 1:1 with whichever collectable you want is the best way around all these different items
- There is a constant way to get them. Roadmaps can’t disappear after a month, there isn’t a big question mark over milestones, it’s not dependent on rank rewards or one-time events.

As for Raulito, he went to school in the summer holidays. What are you doing here so early?


They removed him from the ascension tower, will they make a change perhaps ?

No, they will bring him out next week before war as to get the whales to spend more and scramble to level him up for war, remember need 2 maxed out 6* so if done a day before war, whales will buy trainers, gear, medals, etc to level those 6* up to trade for the s class and then level the s class. Scopely hasn’t and will NEVER change unless people stop spending, i stand with PU but it isnt big enough, 1k or so isnt enough, 10k not spending now we are talking bit as it is now, people are spending n these s class toons amd the reason these are thousands of dollars is to make up any loss of profit from PU or anyone not spending. Raulito will be coming and it will be before war and in 2 weeks we will get Frost amd then the next s class leaks will come from VK and 2 weeks after Frost we will get another s class, etc.


yes buffing him up for increased sales :wink::rofl:

How come no one is saying anything about making legacy s class?


I’ve been saying it on a bunch of threads. They clearly have no intention of stopping S class. But at this point, just go with a full blown reset. Make legacies S class as well. At least it will get rid of the payback and bide toons as it will let them rebalance the game…

Oh wait, it’s already broken with raulito. Nevermind.


i think the Ar and As should affect 3 or 4, not just 2 enemies. otherwise its just too easy to just heal with zachs. kinda meh.

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Not unless you use him with jiafeng

Rip gap lol

I only clicked no because standard gear is 3asier
Why they can just be the all s class f2p but standard gear option


Ffs we all new it, still feel sorry for all those peeps who spent tons on Zach,Wayland,Doc,Raven,Negan etc what a waste of cash to be on top for a month, disgraceful practices on Scopely,s part to make these available as a Promo if that’s what they are doing👎

Totally agree S-class should only be available by collection, this is destroying the game

If f2p got access to ALL S class tier toons there was too little advantage for spenders to keep spending, wich is not what neither we, the players, nor the company wants. What we need is access to similar, sligtly different and weaker S class toons, so we can compete with the spenders. We might not win wars as fast or as convenient but we would be able to beat those crazy defenses at least. P2p needs to have an advantage to be relevant, else this game does not work.

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But not as weak as they currently are when comparing P2P and F2P 6 stars I hope?

No, I mean something with a LITTLE less stats, little weaker, slower rush. Something like that and not those kind of bad jokes we got

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So hold on a second does this mean that Christa has either improved or something as he seems a lot better than her but Christa plus him would be a killer team

Two flags. Wtf :’L

You are not understanding how a shard system works.

For Example Pete should have been (All upgrades are AS WELL as usual upgrade gear needed, not instead of)

Unlock 5* ascendable: 10 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 2 5*: 50 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 3 5*: 100 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 4 5*: 250 Blue Keys

Ascend like normal, 8 Fodder -> 6* Version

Increase to Tier 2 6*: 500 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 3 6*: 750 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 4 6*: 1000 Blue Keys

New type of Ascend, Costs 1000 Blue Keys -> S Class Pete
So far costing 3660 Blue Keys to get the S Class

Increase to Tier 2 S Class: 2000 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 3 S Class: 3000 Blue Keys
Increase to Tier 4 S Class: 2340 Blue Keys

The last upgrade is just the amount needed to make it the same as the current cost of S Class Pete character which is 11K. The above are just examples, doesnt have to be these exact numbers.

right now all ‘shards’ collected are invested in… the museum? It is not a proper shard based system if it is still all or nothing.

This would do a number of things:

  • Feel like you are constantly progressing and working on teams
  • Close the gap constantly as players will always be “catching up”
  • Spenders will keep spending to stay ahead because of above
  • Eliminate dupes, there shouldn’t be two of each character

I think it is already too late for S Class, I doubt Scopely will change as they are historically so extremely stubborn. But if S Class was initially released like the above I think people would be willing to spend more as even low spenders would see instant results.


Lockdown just get on the PU already you one of most active creators who tries to give solutions.

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